FAQ's & Shipping Policies

Q: I want to come see your store but you're not open when I have time! 

A: Just reach out! We're happy to open the store for private viewings if we're available, just let us know in advance. 


Q: Can you help me with my wedding decorations? 

A: Absolutely! We love helping plan out ideas for someone's big day, and we're happy to put together a custom plan for elegant, beautiful wedding decorations that suit your style. 


Q: Can I return my item? 

A: Unfortunately, we don't take returns. All out items are incredibly unique, and unless the return is requested because we messed something up, we aren't able to accept returns save for exceptional circumstances. We want you to be happy with what you purchased, so talk to us if you have questions or issues! 


Q: How long does it take to make a custom item? 

A: It definitely depends on the item, and which artist you're purchasing from. Most wood products will take 3-5 days of preparation at a minimum, because we put a lot of time into finishing the products. Custom crochet will usually need 5-6 days, depending on the size (a baby blanket, for instance, will take much less time than a full size throw). 


Q: Can you ship outside the U.S.? 

A: Right now, we're only shipping inside the U.S., but we hope to expand our shipping options in the future!