BULK Kentucky wildflower handpainted Kraft paper envelopes - 10 units

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This listing is for units of 10 envelopes of Kentucky wildflowers, each handpainted with a purple coneflower. In each packet, you'll find 4-6g of pure wildflower seeds - no filler or grass! 

You'll get a nice mix of the following types of flowers: 

    • Yellow Prairie Coneflower
    • Red Mexican hat
    • Plains coreopsis
    • Purple coneflower
    • Lance-leaved coreopsis
    • Pinkladies
    • New England Aster
    • Scarlet flax
    • Blanket flower
    • Perennial lupine
    • Baby snapdragon
    • Black-eyed Susan
    • Firewheel
    • Lemon mint
    • Shirley poppy